Education Policy and Social Mobility Chair

This research chair was created by the Ardian Foundation – under the aegis of the Fondation de France, the DEPP (Direction de l’évaluation, de la prospective et de la performance) of the Ministry for National Education, Youth and Sports, and the Paris School of Economics (PSE). The aim of this research chair is to identify the causes of inequalities in access to education, and to identify the policies and actions best suited to correct them.

Chair holders: Luc Behaghel (PSE, INRAE) and Julien Grenet (PSE, CNRS)

Labor Chair

This PSE research chair was created in partnership with the City of Paris and two departments of the ministry of labour – the DARES, and the DGEFP, Pôle emploi and the Unédic. Its purpose is to attract the best young scholars (doctoral and post-doctoral) working on labour issues, to form a network of affiliated researchers, and to create and disseminate accessible academic work, and thus to refine our understanding of trends in work, employment dynamics, wages and unemployment.

Chair holders: Eric Maurin (scientific director) and Dominique Meurs (executive director)

Urban Economics, History and Society

This group aims at studying urban issues through historical and societal dimensions, with an interdisciplinary approach. Focus is made on the use of new geolocated data and associated methods. This group gathers researchers in urban economics, history, sociology and geography. They meet each month for a thematic workshop, and each year for an annual interdisciplinary conference with invited scholars from France and all over the world.

The project is coordinated by Camille Hémet, and was created jointly with Gabrielle Fack, Laurent Gobillon, and Miren Lafourcade.

This project benefits from funding from French Research AgencyANR-18-CE22-0013-01 and from the Opening Economics Chair at PSE.