Urban Economy, History and Society: Program

Upcoming meetings

May 7th, 2021:Clément Dherbécourt (France Stratégie) and Laurent Gobillon (PSE) will discuss their work about a shared topic of interest: the law on Solidarity and Urban Renewal (Solidarité et Renouvellement Urbain – SRU in French).

Previous meetings

19/03/2021 : Aurélie Sotura (Banque de France) presented her work that relies ont the income databases she contributed to build: reconstitution of the income distribution of each French department since 1960 and of the average income per department since 1922.

29/01/2021 : Marine Duros (Centre Maurice Halbwachs) and Julien Migozzi (department of geography, ENS) talked about real estate financialization in various contexts (France and South Africa).

14/12/2020: Victor Gay (TSE) presented the Third Republic Geographic Information System he developed (TRF-GIS).

03/11/2020: Lara Tobin (Etablissement Public Foncier d’Ile de France) talked about the operations of requalification of degraded co-ownerships (Orcod), and in particular the one of Grigny2, which the EPF of IDF is in charge of.

29/09/2020: Pierre-Philippe Combes (CNRS, Université de Lyon and Sciences Po) told us about the following two projects, co-authored with Gilles Duranton (Wharton U. Penn), Laurent Gobillon (CNRS, PSE) and Clément Gorin (CNRS, Université de Lyon):

  • A methodological project: “Land use from historical maps by machine learning”
  • A descriptive article project using data from the previous one: “The emergence and disappearance of cities in France, 1760-2015”

To have a better idea of the method and the use of the maps produced, here is a working document that is now public: Urban economics in a historical perspective: Recovering data with machine learning