This group conducts research into education economics. Its members are especially interested in procedures for allocating students to universities, education disparities, and their consequences for the labour market. Some specific projects are presented below.

How should higher education enrolments be regulated? An evaluation of the Admission Post-Bac (APB, post-school admissions) procedure

This project studies the centralised APB procedure that regulates student enrolments in the different tracks of French higher education. It addresses not only its allocative efficiency but also its redistributive effects. In particular, the project investigates the effects of the process on the distribution of students between selective and non-selective tracks, on candidates’ choices based on information provided, and on the success of beneficiaries and non-beneficiaries.

Researchers:Gabrielle Fack, Julien Grenet and Yinghua He

Funding:APB, ANR-17-CE28-0001

Growing up Unequal? The Origins, Dynamics and Lifecycle Consequences of Childhood Inequalities

This project analyses the roles of the family, peers and institutions on the growth of economic and social inequalities that have been observed in several countries. Several disciplines suggest that each of these three factors plays an important role in the formation of human capital throughout the life cycle through complex dynamic processes. The project focuses on the growing differences in behaviour, education and labour market outcomes among socio-economic groups, within which differences seem to be greater among men than among women.

Researchers:Marc Gurgand, Kjell Gunnar Salvanes and Gabriella Conti

Funding:GUODLCCI, NORFACE network

Human capital and inequality during adolescence and working life

This project studies the role of human capital in the formation of inequalities over the course of the life cycle. It focuses on human capital formation in adolescence and adulthood. These inequalities are approached from a multi-dimensional perspective, particularly in relation to education opportunities, employment and wages. The researchers analyse the extent to which they are linked to individual situations, gender, the family and the institutional context.

Researchers: Richard Blundell, Eric Maurin, Kjell Gunnar Salvanes et Anna Vignoles

Funding:HuCIAW, NORFACE network