The Labour and Public Economics group is proposing different seminars on the Jourdan Campus:

Labour and Public Economics

This seminar features applied research on public policies. Various fields are represented: public finance, economics of education, behavioural economics, labour economics. It takes place on the Jourdan campus (R1-09)… Go to this seminar webpage

(RUES) Regional and Urban Economics Seminar

The Regional and Urban Economics Seminar (RUES) is a workshop organized by the Paris School of Economics, and financed by the Ministère du Développement Durable and the Labex OSE. The goal of this workshop is to give the opportunity for researchers interested in the field of regional and urban economics to attend presentations and exchange ideas… Go to this seminar webpage

>> An online agenda is also available on the PSE website, that includes all the seminars, conferences, thesis defenses…