Conferences and Workshops

Paris-London Public Economics Conference

PSE, Sciences Po, LSE, UCL, IPP and IFS organise annual conferences in public economics alternately in Paris and London. These conferences include presentations by the best international researchers and roundtables with the participation of leading figures. The 2019 edition was held at PSE with Peter Diamond (MIT, Nobel Prize), Nathan Hendren (Harvard), Emmanuel Saez (Berkeley), Stefanie Stancheva (Harvard) and Thomas Piketty (PSE).

Labor Chair’s events

The Labor Chair regularly organises conferences on themes related to the labor market involving institutions, researchers and doctoral students. The events include presentations and roundtables, and the most recent of these were on the following themes in particular: Labor Market Reforms : Lessons from Both Sides of the Alps (June 2019), Parental leave: the Norwegian experience (April 2019), The unemployment insurance (November 2018).

Evaluation of the French Budget (IPP-CEPREMAP)

Every year, the Institut des politiques publiques (PSE/GENES) and the CEPREMAP organize a conference on the evaluation of the French Budget. The researchers involved present their research that can inform the democratic debate, both on the macroeconomic aspects of the budget and on its impacts on households and firms. The event concludes with a roundtable discussion composed of representatives of the main groups in parliament.

>> An agenda of all the events (seminars, conferences, support events, etc.) is also available on the Paris School of Economics website